Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well.......still waiting

Not much to update this far into our process. We think that our dossier could be to Ethiopia by now, but haven't heard anything confirming that. Pretty sure that it is going to be more waiting after this......(but what is new, I think it is pretty typical with all adoptions :) We are ready for our little baby, and hope that he or she is safe somewhere just waiting for us to come over and bring them home. Here on out, we have heard that our dossier will have to be authenticated, then translated into their language, and then after that I believe that it will be assigned to an orphanage. There really isn't a clear time frame either since Bethany just started this program through them this past fall. We will keep updating, and hope to hear something soon!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Not that this is any different from before, or is a new revelation, but we are ready for our baby to be home! It may not be God's timing yet, and it has only been a week or two since our dossier got sent to Ethiopia, but this process seems longer than a pregnancy! One of the things that makes it a little more difficult, is you don't have the visible signs that you are going to have baby, so it makes it not seem as real (even though I am not complaining about not gaining any weight with this one ; ). But even then, we just realize how neat this whole thing really is, and just how much of a difference this is going to make for our family, and mainly for this child. So even if it doesn't seem real now, and the physical signs of it aren't there, I know that I can cling to the idea of what this is going to do for all of us, and I just think, it is going to be so worth it! To give this child a home, and a family who they can call their own, will be worth all the waiting we will go through to receive this child!