Monday, December 22, 2008

as Christmas approaches

Its a couple days before Christmas, and tomorrow, which is Dec.23, will be 7 months for us "officially waiting" for our referral now. Its hard to believe that it has even been a year now since we started the whole process. We had a rough last week, things kind of thrown our way we weren't expecting, but I guess life isn't always going to be without surprises good or bad. (nothing to do with the adoption) It kinda got me thinking, "Lord, I would be okay with everything not being okay, if we got the referral!" :) Obviously God isn't some sort of magical genie who is here to grant our wishes. But I just thought even for Christmas, it would be so great to get the referral. This whole process has been one of those things that no matter what goes on in my life, the possibility of getting the referral any day now is always in the back of my mind. But just even realizing what this whole season is really about, the birth of my Savior, makes me feel blessed already. It helps me to take a step back, and understand I need to let go of it, and trust God's timing. Regardless of what my circumstances are, and where my life is at, I am glad that I know a God who doesn't change with the ups and downs of my life. Knowing that helps in the midst of the bumps in my life. Even if it means waiting a little longer for the referral I guess. ;) (But God, anytime soon would be great, even for Christmas! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nothing yet..... :)

I know it has been a long time since I have updated this, so sorry to anyone who checks it! :) Its now December, and we are still waiting! Although, I am sure its a good lesson in patience with this whole waiting thing, we are REALLY ready for something to happen. The past couple of months there have been referrals once a month from our agency. This happened both in Sept., and Oct., but then stopped in Nov. So its been since the middle of Oct. that there has been any referrals. Other things have been happening though, which has been a praise.......a couple families passed court, and are on their way home with their little ones as we speak! A couple other families that I know of have court dates at the end of Dec., and we are praying they pass court on the first try so they are able to travel soon after to get their little ones. We pray that we will hear something by Christmas, because what a better present could you get than that! :) We continue to think and pray for our little one that he/she would be healthy, and safe. Also, that God would make the rest of the process go quickly, so we are able to meet our new little one soon, and bring he/she home. In the mean time as we wait, we are busy here getting things ready for Christmas. Adam is working away as usual with the church, and Hudson and I spend our days at home doing the usual. Could be interesting if we do get our child the first part of the year, and try and do some potty training for Hudson at the same time! 2009 could be the start of a very interesting year for us..............