Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Been Awhile!

It has been a busy summer! I thought since it has been awhile, I need to update our blog! Today has been 4 months now since we brought Wilson home! Things have been going really well here. He is so much part of our family now, it seems like he has been here forever! This summer already we have been on a family camping trip(a first for Wilson and Hudson!), mom and Wilson have done swimming lessons, and been to the Omaha zoo! It is also amazing to see Wilson grow in his personality, and his confidence being here. We do have some off days, but really it has over-all been a good experience bringing him into our family. The two brothers have also become really good buddies. Its fun to hear them either before they go to sleep, or when they wake up in the morning talking back and forth in their own little language! :) I must say that even though Wilson is the little brother, he can definitely hold his own! The crazy little kid does know what he does and doesn't like too! For example, any time you try to change his diaper, take something away from him, or change his clothes, he takes off in a dead sprint trying to out run us when mom and dad come for him! :) He definitely is a spirited little boy! We have also been lucky that he has been so healthy! He definitely is a little guy (below the first percentile in everything!), and his vitamin D levels were pretty low, so right now we have him on a little supplemental thing to get that back to normal. But again, we couldn't ask for a better little boy. I will try and update this more, but I am thinking about switching our blog now to be more about our family happenings.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today I had a busy day full of outings with the boys! The funnest one today was for Wilson to experience a wading pool for the first time! He has come to love bathtime, so I figured that he would love the pool as well. But when we got there, and actually made an attempt to get in, Wilson was not too happy about that. The water must have been a little too cold for him or something, because each time I would try and put him in the water, he would start screaming, and cling to me with everything he had! Gradually, like everything else, he did warm up to the water. By the end of the time there, he was sitting on the edge, splashing, playing with toys, and having a good time! It's so much fun to see these type of firsts with him. Sometimes, I still can't even believe that he is here. Missing the first year of his life was never something I wanted to miss, but I am so glad that he is here now, and I get to experience these new things with him as he grows! :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

First Road Trip! :)

This week has been a new experience for both Wilson, and myself. My husband had a conference this week that he had to attend which lasts through the weekend. Being that Wilson has only been home for about a month now, I really wasn't too excited to stay by myself, so I decided to take a little road trip to my parent's house. It wasn't really one of the first experiences for Wilson that I wanted to do by myself, but it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Wilson has never been in a carseat for longer than an hour, and Wednesday we did three hours! He fussed a little bit of the time, but then got over it after about 10 minutes and decided to take a nap. My other son Hudson was pretty content the whole time, and watched the movie "Cars" the whole way! :) Wilson has done pretty well for being away from home for the first time too! He struggled a little the first day we got here, but he has gotten more and more comfortable being at Grandma and Grandpa's house for a couple days. It has been nice to have the extra help while my husband is gone as well! But, tomorrow we head home, so it's another 3 hour trip we will have to conquer, and I hope that it goes as well as the way up here did! And all I have to say to my husband is, it's daddy time when we get home, and mommy gets a big break to go do something fun without kids for a bit! ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Part of the Family

We have been home for about 3 weeks now with Wilson, and he really is part of the family now. Kind of hard to remember what it was like without him! The longer he is here, the more comfortable I see him getting. When we first brought him home, he really never wanted to get down and play, and didn't have too many emotions, except for the one where he looks like deer in headlights! But now he is crawling all over the place, playing with toys, and sometimes even when we hold him, he wants to get down! Huge progress on that front! The little smiles that we get too just melt my heart. He definitely can have his moments during the day (as do I getting used to two boys!), but he has been overall a great baby! Next week is Wilson's birthday, so we are having a party with some family and friends.(I hope he doesn't get too overstimulated!) We have also been taking him out into public more, and he even seems to be more comfortable out and about than before. The true test will be when we leave home for a couple nights for the first time.(Not sure what to think about that!) I will try and update more after Wilson's birthday, I am sure we will have lots of fun stories from that event! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

At home now! And Happy Mother's Day!

Now we have been home a little over a week, and things have calmed down a bit, so I am able to finally update! Things have been going better than I have expected with Wilson. He is such a different boy from the first day we met him to now. When we first met him, he was a little boy who showed little emotion, and looked like a deer in headlights most of the time! But now, it has been fun to see his personality come out. He is a boy who has a serious yet funny personality. He is a very mellow little guy, which is one of the reasons he has been so adaptable. He is getting more and more confident each day, and I just love to see him grow in his trust in us, and his surroundings. Hudson has taken to him quite well,but there has been a little jealousy at times. Its fun for him to come along with either Adam or I when we wake Wilson up from his nap. Hudson is right there along with us, and has even become a little protective of his brother! Still needs to work on sharing the toys though! :) Its taken a little time for Wilson to adjust to the schedule here too, but now he has adapted really well. This week was his first Dr. appt. as well, and he got 4 vaccinations which wasn't fun. But not much we can do about that! I will try and update as much as I can about our adventures at home, and thats all I have for now!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Introducing Wilson Weber!

  Here are a couple pics of our boy!  (He is a little tired in each, more to come later!)

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Hello from Ethiopia!
It hasn't been easy to get internet access here, but finally able to write now!  We got to Addis late Saturday night, and got to our guest house and slept very well.  Sunday we went to a Baptist Ethiopian church, which was very neat to see!  The people were all so friendly, and even someone interpreted for us!  Then in the afternoon we got to go meet our little Wilson!  It was a neat experience meeting him for the first time!  It didn't go quite as expected, but what does I guess!  Wilson was very attached to one of his nannies, so it took a little bit for him to warm up to us!  But once he did, it has been such a neat bonding experience for us and him!  He is a very laid back baby, and we couldn't be more blessed with our little boys!  He is the cutest thing ever, and I am so excited to get back and show him off to everyone!(pictures to come later)   Monday Adam went to the Embassy and paid our fee, and went to the Bethany office in the afternoon to see all they do there.  Today we went to a market, and bought a lot of things from Africa to bring home.  Now we are just waiting to go to the Embassy, and get Wilson's visa!  Then it should make everything official to bring him home!  We have actually had him since Sunday, so he has been with us most of the time!  Lets just say he is very fond of his daddy! :)  I will try and write more this week if I can, but the rest of the week we will just be going around experiencing Addis, and then Thursday night we fly out.  We are very excited about bringing him home, and getting to see Hudson again of course!  On another note too, we love our guest house we are staying at and the group of people we are with!  Couldn't be more blessed with our experience! Goodbye for now~

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leavin on a jet plane.....

We are packed and ready to go! Just have a few things to do in the morning, and then our first flight leaves at 1:00. Then we are on to Minneapolis, Amsterdam, (we actually make a shorto stop in Sudan!) and then Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! We arrive Saturday night , so its going to be a long trip. But we are looking forward to meeting Wilson, and seeing where he is from. Please pray for safe travels for us, and that things would go smoothly while we are there! I am going to try and update our blog as much as I can while there(given that we actually have electricity!) Hopefully we can get some pictures posted soon from our trip, and tell all sorts of stories! See you when we get back! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bumps in getting ready....

This weekend I have been trying to get a lot of things done for getting ready to go to Ethiopia. That has been interrupted a little bit by Adam getting sick! Friday night he woke up, and his balance was really off, and he was feeling pretty nauseated! So the next morning, he went to the clinic, and found out he has an inner ear infection! So pretty much for the past two days he has been laying in bed, or on the couch because any time he gets up he either feels like the room is spinning, or just so nauseated he might get sick. So, obviously I haven't been getting a ton done around here. I hope that he feels better tomorrow so we can start really packing, but who knows at this point. If anyone wants a prayer request, please pray that we both would feel well for this trip, and that things would go smoothly to and from Ethiopia! Getting a little nervous that it is getting closer, but I am sure we will be ready by Friday!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting there!

Well we have gotten all of our travel plans figured out now. Our flight leaves from Sioux Falls, on Friday, April 24th, and then we arrive in Ethiopia on the evening of the 25th. We are staying at a guest house over there, and there are going to be three other families over there at the same time as us from our agency! I have been trying to get everything organized that we are going to bring with us. I have been to Target and Walmart, getting all sorts of things on our little list. I am afraid to see how many bags we are actually going to be taking over there! Could be interesting! But I am feeling like we are more ready to go now, which is a good feeling.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Travel Call!!!!

Today I got a call from our social worker saying that our embassy date in Ethiopia is April 28th!! So now we have to be there in about 10 days or so! I actually already have our travel plans all figured out, but now its all the other things we need to do, like finding a place to stay, plans for Hudson, etc.! We are so excited, and can't wait to get over there and bring him home! But it definitely is a little overwhelming at this point, and I think that I am still in shock! Never would have guessed we would be travelling in April! I thought our best shot was the early part of May! But I am just so glad to be bringing our little guy home! All the waiting has finally paid off! Now, if I can just convince myself that I am going to be okay leaving Hudson for about a week! (that is going to be really hard!) We leave next Friday (April 24), and return the following Friday, so tomorrow I start the packing process! Crazy! Wow! Anyway, hoping we will be able to blog a little when we are in Ethiopia, otherwise, I am sure that I can post things when we get back about our trip! We are so blessed, and are looking forward to the crazy adventure of becoming a family of four!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ready and waiting!

I think that I pretty much have everything ready in case we get our travel call here in the near future! I of course (being organized me) made a list of things that we will need to get to take with us to Ethiopia, and things we will need to get done before we leave. Well, I have gotten to the point where I feel pretty comfortable that if we were to get our travel call, I would pretty much be ready to go!(besides last minute things) I am hoping that we hear some sort of update soon, even if to hear that he was getting his TB test done. It has been a little harder to wait after passing court. Just knowing that we are so close, and I can really say I am ready for my second son!(Okay, so maybe I was ready awhile ago!:) I am just glad to know there is an end in sight! There have been a couple families who have gotten referrals recently, and also a couple families who are travelling this week to go get their children! (I am hoping to get some pictures of my boy from them!) So its encouraging to see movement in the process for others. Kinda makes my wait a little easier to deal with, that I can be happy for others who have received good news! I will update more when we know some information!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

God amazes me again!

Well, to say the least, I am stunned! After hearing about our court news on Tuesday, I was just very frusterated, and just was so ready to hear when our new court date would be. I had some very candid conversations with God yesterday, just to get it out of my system. Although I thought I actually took the news pretty well, I still was just so unsettled with everything. Well, last night rolls around, and we had our small group (which was very great by the way!), and we were all coming upstairs to have a little dessert, and I hear my phone ringing! Well, I see that it is our social worker, and I started freaking out. I didn't even want to answer the phone, because if it was more bad news, I wanted my husband to tell me! After a couple minutes of talking to her on the phone, Adam says "somehow, no one really knows how, we have passed court today!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Just in one day, going from no, to yes? I think that I was just so excited, and shocked at the same time, I didn't even know what to say! It seems God likes us to have a group of people around us too lately with adoption news! ;) Well, we are so excited, and can't wait to travel now. Now we just need to hear about his TB test, and hopefully it is negative, then we will get a travel call! Who knows when that will be, but lately, God has been very sneaky! ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bad news!

Well.....we just found out today that our court case wasn't heard because there was some paperwork that was required to be there, and wasn't. We are pretty bummed, and disappointed, but knew something like this could happen. We don't have a new court date yet, but I am really hoping that it is soon. Just ready to travel over and get him. Will post more later once we know our new court date.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Added regulation (hopefully not meaning more waiting!)

We are in the process right now of waiting for our court date!(which is on Tues., March 24) Can't wait to hear the results of it, and praying for a yes! After our court date now, there has been some other regulations that we are going to have to get passed before brining Wilson home. The CDC has now made it manditory for a child who has just passed court to have a TB test done before being able to have a visa issued to enter the country. It sounds like for our case, that after passing court, Wilson will have this test done, and we will have to wait about 3 weeks to hear results. If his test comes back negative, we will be able to travel over whenever we get our travel call and embassy date! But if his test results come back positive, he will be required to stay in Ethiopia for another 6 months and receive treatment before being able to have a visa issued for him to come to the US. So, we are really just praying that there would be no issues with this, and that we would be able to go and get him soon! Its understandable why they would do this type of thing, but most of me is like, "If I have to wait another 6 months, I will go into a severe depression!" ;) So, that is our update for now. I am sure that I will write more once we know the results of our court date. If you want to pray for something, pray for success on both occasions! (not just for us, but for those who are going through the same things as well!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

To Do Lists!

As we wait for our court date, I have made a list of several things that I need to get done before Wilson gets here! Things like getting an extra crib(since Hudson seems to be content where he is!), going through clothes, getting another dresser, getting paperwork ready, vaccination appointments, etc. I know it won't be for sure until after our court date whether or not we will go over and get him soon, but my nesting has been getting the best of me lately! :) I just have it in my mind that I want to have everything ready before we get that travel call, so I am not scrambling at the last minute to get it all in!(a little of the planner in me too of course!) Plus this is a great way for me to keep busy, and not think about the court date. It amazes me too all the things that I need to get done, but I guess that is what lists are for!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bewildered and Amazed!

Well......to say the least, God never ceases to amaze me!(which should not be a surprise to me I guess! :) I had really come to the point where I was like, "Okay God, I have no idea why we have waited this long, but pretty much, its in your hands, and I am just going to be okay with whenever our court date is."(even though I struggled still with the fact that I had no control!:) I really expected we would at the earliest now get a court date in May, and be travelling in June or so. But last night around 8:30 or so, I never expected to get a phone call from our social worker! I admit it too, I am not usually the type to answer the phone when I don't know the number, but for some reason I did! When she told me it was her, my stomach fell to my feet, and she said, "you have a court date, and it is March 24!" I couldn't really even think of anything to say! I was just in shock, and thinking, this can't even be true! God is so good! And definitely keeps me on my toes! I immediately got off the phone and tried to call Adam, but of course he was bowling with about 20 other guys, and couldn't hear it(and originally she had tried to call him)! We were having a girls night at my house, so one of my friends had to text and call their spouse/significant other, just to be able to get him to call me! Needless to say, we are still in shock! Never saw this coming in a million years! Still trying to be aware that anything can happen(since this is international adoption!),but at the same time celebrate that the waiting was not in vain. Don't know why I don't trust God more, he comes through every time in situations like these, and it all works out for the best! So now, we are waiting with anticipation for our court date, and praying that we pass on the first time so we can get our little Wilson home! I have realized too, that it is coming quick, and I have things to get done before this all happens! So now the nesting will continue, and the to do lists will be compiled! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

no news yet.......frusterating!

Still no news on our court date. Have no idea what is going on,and beginning to wonder if something is wrong. Not that anything WOULD be wrong(and I was assured nothing was), but my worries have been getting the best of me since it has been over a month since we received our referral! It just hurts my heart to know that there is a little boy sitting over in Ethiopia right now waiting for his family. Its just been hard for me knowing that he will be a year old in May, and we have missed the first year of his life. I can't wait to get him here to be a part of our family. I keep on asking "Lord, what the heck is going on, why would we have to wait this long?" But, I know that there is a reason for this waiting, and just need to trust that God's timing is perfect. So, when we do get our court date, I will be jumping for joy! But then I am sure I will start saying, "Okay, can't wait for the court date to get here!" Probably will just be the same old story of worrying, only this time about whether or not we will pass our court date! ;) I can't wait til the cycles of waiting are over! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

still waiting.........

Well, no news to report yet about a court date, but we are hoping to hear soon! It kinda makes it feel like the process is in "stall mode" lately, so it will be great when we hear something. We are just ready to know when the court date is so we can have a day to look forward to, and maybe have an idea of when we could possibly travel if we pass court. So please pray that we would receive notice soon of when that will be! On a positive note, Hudson turns 2 tomorrow! I can't believe how he has grown, and that it has already been 2 years! I am blessed by the son that I already have, and also with the one I am about to receive. We are gonna celebrate tomorrow with friends and family at ChuckECheese. Should be a wild party! ;)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a gift for our boy

We had wanted to send something over to Wilson for him to have while he waits for us to come get him! So a couple days ago, we found out that there is another Bethany family in our area who are travelling over to get their kids, and said that we would be able to include something in their suitcase! So last night we went to the store, and got a couple things to send over to him. We got a little photo album, and put pictures of the three of us in it, and a couple of his grandparents as well. I also got some fleece material, and made a cute little tie blanket for him to snuggle with! I have also heard from a couple people too, that its a good idea to sleep with the blanket before you send it over, so it can have your smell when the baby gets it, so they can learn what you smell like...... :) So last night we slept with it in our bed, but I am not sure if one night really made much of a difference! ;) So I decided to spray it with my perfume, and Adam's cologne this morning before he took it over to the family bringing it for us. Hopefully Wilson can get something out of all that anyway.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

An update and a minivan!

Thought I would write a little post to let you all know that we got an update yesterday on Wilson! He seems to be doing very well right now, and we couldn't be more pleased with his update. It sounds like he sleeps very well(great thing for me! :), does well around other children, healthy, and was pretty much nothing on the update that we had to worry about. I am so excited just to meet our little boy, and just learn all the things about him that make him tick! We are still waiting to hear on a court date, but hope to hear in the next couple weeks on when that will be. In other Weber family news, we have splurged, and bought a minivan! We have thought about doing this for awhile, but figured now would be a good time since our family is expanding. And you know, we always like to do major life changes grouped together to make life more exciting that way! ;) Anyway, its a used 2008 dodge grand caravan. Couldn't be more excited, and this is fulfilling my mom vehicle dream! It will be very nice to have the extra room for trips since we barely fit both of us, plus a kid, plus all of our stuff. I will write more once we have more information, but for right now that is all I have! Until next time.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Its official, and a name!

Today we went in and signed the paperwork to accept our referral! There was a little paperwork that we had to complete before we went in and signed our acceptance, but I had a little motivation to get it done as soon as I could! ;) Now we will just wait to hear about our court date. Its great to be on the other side of the referral now though, even though it will be more waiting. Its just nice to know what our little guy looks like, and know who he is! And drumroll please...................the name we came up for him is Wilson! We had tossed around a couple others, but thought that name would fit him the best. It seems almost surreal, but it has actually happened. After all the praying, and waiting, we have made it! It is possible! ;) On a side note, we signed Hudson up for swimming lessons, and tonight was his second night! Tonight he blew bubbles for the first time, and almost jumped in by himself! Its hard to believe he is going to be a big brother! But we are so excited, and look forward to our new stage of life with Wilson, and being a family of 4!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Our referral!!!!!

I am very excited, and happy to say that our wait to know who our little boy is, is finally over! This morning, around 8:30, we received a phone call, and were told "congratulations, you are the parents of a little boy!" He is 7 months old, and healthy as can be! They are unsure about an actual birth date, but estimate it was in May 2008. We haven't come up with the name yet but I am sure I will post later what the "official results" are! :) We are both ecstatic, and I think are in shock still that we have a face to go with our child now. My nerves still feel like they are on overload! Now we will wait to hear about a court date. Once we get a court date, and actually pass court, we should get a travel call shortly after that, and be able to go and get our baby! I am so greatful to God that we have finally received this referral, and can't even tell you how many days and nights that I have prayed, "God, please, just tell us who our baby is!" It has been especially hard lately because, there have been a lot of peers around us either, having their baby, getting pregnant, etc. I feel like the parable about the judge, and the old lady, in the bible, who keeps coming back to the judge, and finally the judge gives in because of the lady's persistence. Not sure if it was my persistence in praying or God's timing though! ;) Anyway, we are thrilled, and can't imagine it being any better! We will post more details when we figure some things out, and get a little further along.......