Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bewildered and Amazed! say the least, God never ceases to amaze me!(which should not be a surprise to me I guess! :) I had really come to the point where I was like, "Okay God, I have no idea why we have waited this long, but pretty much, its in your hands, and I am just going to be okay with whenever our court date is."(even though I struggled still with the fact that I had no control!:) I really expected we would at the earliest now get a court date in May, and be travelling in June or so. But last night around 8:30 or so, I never expected to get a phone call from our social worker! I admit it too, I am not usually the type to answer the phone when I don't know the number, but for some reason I did! When she told me it was her, my stomach fell to my feet, and she said, "you have a court date, and it is March 24!" I couldn't really even think of anything to say! I was just in shock, and thinking, this can't even be true! God is so good! And definitely keeps me on my toes! I immediately got off the phone and tried to call Adam, but of course he was bowling with about 20 other guys, and couldn't hear it(and originally she had tried to call him)! We were having a girls night at my house, so one of my friends had to text and call their spouse/significant other, just to be able to get him to call me! Needless to say, we are still in shock! Never saw this coming in a million years! Still trying to be aware that anything can happen(since this is international adoption!),but at the same time celebrate that the waiting was not in vain. Don't know why I don't trust God more, he comes through every time in situations like these, and it all works out for the best! So now, we are waiting with anticipation for our court date, and praying that we pass on the first time so we can get our little Wilson home! I have realized too, that it is coming quick, and I have things to get done before this all happens! So now the nesting will continue, and the to do lists will be compiled! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

no news yet.......frusterating!

Still no news on our court date. Have no idea what is going on,and beginning to wonder if something is wrong. Not that anything WOULD be wrong(and I was assured nothing was), but my worries have been getting the best of me since it has been over a month since we received our referral! It just hurts my heart to know that there is a little boy sitting over in Ethiopia right now waiting for his family. Its just been hard for me knowing that he will be a year old in May, and we have missed the first year of his life. I can't wait to get him here to be a part of our family. I keep on asking "Lord, what the heck is going on, why would we have to wait this long?" But, I know that there is a reason for this waiting, and just need to trust that God's timing is perfect. So, when we do get our court date, I will be jumping for joy! But then I am sure I will start saying, "Okay, can't wait for the court date to get here!" Probably will just be the same old story of worrying, only this time about whether or not we will pass our court date! ;) I can't wait til the cycles of waiting are over! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

still waiting.........

Well, no news to report yet about a court date, but we are hoping to hear soon! It kinda makes it feel like the process is in "stall mode" lately, so it will be great when we hear something. We are just ready to know when the court date is so we can have a day to look forward to, and maybe have an idea of when we could possibly travel if we pass court. So please pray that we would receive notice soon of when that will be! On a positive note, Hudson turns 2 tomorrow! I can't believe how he has grown, and that it has already been 2 years! I am blessed by the son that I already have, and also with the one I am about to receive. We are gonna celebrate tomorrow with friends and family at ChuckECheese. Should be a wild party! ;)