Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Introducing Wilson Weber!

  Here are a couple pics of our boy!  (He is a little tired in each, more to come later!)

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Hello from Ethiopia!
It hasn't been easy to get internet access here, but finally able to write now!  We got to Addis late Saturday night, and got to our guest house and slept very well.  Sunday we went to a Baptist Ethiopian church, which was very neat to see!  The people were all so friendly, and even someone interpreted for us!  Then in the afternoon we got to go meet our little Wilson!  It was a neat experience meeting him for the first time!  It didn't go quite as expected, but what does I guess!  Wilson was very attached to one of his nannies, so it took a little bit for him to warm up to us!  But once he did, it has been such a neat bonding experience for us and him!  He is a very laid back baby, and we couldn't be more blessed with our little boys!  He is the cutest thing ever, and I am so excited to get back and show him off to everyone!(pictures to come later)   Monday Adam went to the Embassy and paid our fee, and went to the Bethany office in the afternoon to see all they do there.  Today we went to a market, and bought a lot of things from Africa to bring home.  Now we are just waiting to go to the Embassy, and get Wilson's visa!  Then it should make everything official to bring him home!  We have actually had him since Sunday, so he has been with us most of the time!  Lets just say he is very fond of his daddy! :)  I will try and write more this week if I can, but the rest of the week we will just be going around experiencing Addis, and then Thursday night we fly out.  We are very excited about bringing him home, and getting to see Hudson again of course!  On another note too, we love our guest house we are staying at and the group of people we are with!  Couldn't be more blessed with our experience! Goodbye for now~

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leavin on a jet plane.....

We are packed and ready to go! Just have a few things to do in the morning, and then our first flight leaves at 1:00. Then we are on to Minneapolis, Amsterdam, (we actually make a shorto stop in Sudan!) and then Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! We arrive Saturday night , so its going to be a long trip. But we are looking forward to meeting Wilson, and seeing where he is from. Please pray for safe travels for us, and that things would go smoothly while we are there! I am going to try and update our blog as much as I can while there(given that we actually have electricity!) Hopefully we can get some pictures posted soon from our trip, and tell all sorts of stories! See you when we get back! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bumps in getting ready....

This weekend I have been trying to get a lot of things done for getting ready to go to Ethiopia. That has been interrupted a little bit by Adam getting sick! Friday night he woke up, and his balance was really off, and he was feeling pretty nauseated! So the next morning, he went to the clinic, and found out he has an inner ear infection! So pretty much for the past two days he has been laying in bed, or on the couch because any time he gets up he either feels like the room is spinning, or just so nauseated he might get sick. So, obviously I haven't been getting a ton done around here. I hope that he feels better tomorrow so we can start really packing, but who knows at this point. If anyone wants a prayer request, please pray that we both would feel well for this trip, and that things would go smoothly to and from Ethiopia! Getting a little nervous that it is getting closer, but I am sure we will be ready by Friday!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting there!

Well we have gotten all of our travel plans figured out now. Our flight leaves from Sioux Falls, on Friday, April 24th, and then we arrive in Ethiopia on the evening of the 25th. We are staying at a guest house over there, and there are going to be three other families over there at the same time as us from our agency! I have been trying to get everything organized that we are going to bring with us. I have been to Target and Walmart, getting all sorts of things on our little list. I am afraid to see how many bags we are actually going to be taking over there! Could be interesting! But I am feeling like we are more ready to go now, which is a good feeling.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Travel Call!!!!

Today I got a call from our social worker saying that our embassy date in Ethiopia is April 28th!! So now we have to be there in about 10 days or so! I actually already have our travel plans all figured out, but now its all the other things we need to do, like finding a place to stay, plans for Hudson, etc.! We are so excited, and can't wait to get over there and bring him home! But it definitely is a little overwhelming at this point, and I think that I am still in shock! Never would have guessed we would be travelling in April! I thought our best shot was the early part of May! But I am just so glad to be bringing our little guy home! All the waiting has finally paid off! Now, if I can just convince myself that I am going to be okay leaving Hudson for about a week! (that is going to be really hard!) We leave next Friday (April 24), and return the following Friday, so tomorrow I start the packing process! Crazy! Wow! Anyway, hoping we will be able to blog a little when we are in Ethiopia, otherwise, I am sure that I can post things when we get back about our trip! We are so blessed, and are looking forward to the crazy adventure of becoming a family of four!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ready and waiting!

I think that I pretty much have everything ready in case we get our travel call here in the near future! I of course (being organized me) made a list of things that we will need to get to take with us to Ethiopia, and things we will need to get done before we leave. Well, I have gotten to the point where I feel pretty comfortable that if we were to get our travel call, I would pretty much be ready to go!(besides last minute things) I am hoping that we hear some sort of update soon, even if to hear that he was getting his TB test done. It has been a little harder to wait after passing court. Just knowing that we are so close, and I can really say I am ready for my second son!(Okay, so maybe I was ready awhile ago!:) I am just glad to know there is an end in sight! There have been a couple families who have gotten referrals recently, and also a couple families who are travelling this week to go get their children! (I am hoping to get some pictures of my boy from them!) So its encouraging to see movement in the process for others. Kinda makes my wait a little easier to deal with, that I can be happy for others who have received good news! I will update more when we know some information!