Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Its official, and a name!

Today we went in and signed the paperwork to accept our referral! There was a little paperwork that we had to complete before we went in and signed our acceptance, but I had a little motivation to get it done as soon as I could! ;) Now we will just wait to hear about our court date. Its great to be on the other side of the referral now though, even though it will be more waiting. Its just nice to know what our little guy looks like, and know who he is! And drumroll please...................the name we came up for him is Wilson! We had tossed around a couple others, but thought that name would fit him the best. It seems almost surreal, but it has actually happened. After all the praying, and waiting, we have made it! It is possible! ;) On a side note, we signed Hudson up for swimming lessons, and tonight was his second night! Tonight he blew bubbles for the first time, and almost jumped in by himself! Its hard to believe he is going to be a big brother! But we are so excited, and look forward to our new stage of life with Wilson, and being a family of 4!


Lindsy said...

Swimming lessons are soooo fun - we did that with Kennedy at the Luce Center and she LOVED it! You guys have fun with that and I love the name you have picked out - precious!

Cory and Margaret said...

Wilson is a great name!!! How very exciting for you!!