Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Been Awhile!

It has been a busy summer! I thought since it has been awhile, I need to update our blog! Today has been 4 months now since we brought Wilson home! Things have been going really well here. He is so much part of our family now, it seems like he has been here forever! This summer already we have been on a family camping trip(a first for Wilson and Hudson!), mom and Wilson have done swimming lessons, and been to the Omaha zoo! It is also amazing to see Wilson grow in his personality, and his confidence being here. We do have some off days, but really it has over-all been a good experience bringing him into our family. The two brothers have also become really good buddies. Its fun to hear them either before they go to sleep, or when they wake up in the morning talking back and forth in their own little language! :) I must say that even though Wilson is the little brother, he can definitely hold his own! The crazy little kid does know what he does and doesn't like too! For example, any time you try to change his diaper, take something away from him, or change his clothes, he takes off in a dead sprint trying to out run us when mom and dad come for him! :) He definitely is a spirited little boy! We have also been lucky that he has been so healthy! He definitely is a little guy (below the first percentile in everything!), and his vitamin D levels were pretty low, so right now we have him on a little supplemental thing to get that back to normal. But again, we couldn't ask for a better little boy. I will try and update this more, but I am thinking about switching our blog now to be more about our family happenings.


Lindsy said...

You are right! It has been a while girlie. So glad to see the boys are adjusting to each other. They are both so adorable. I was glad to read an update. We think of you two often. Hugs!

Kara said...

oh, I was so happy to read your update-Glad things are are going well. Your boys are so adoreable.