Friday, March 20, 2009

Added regulation (hopefully not meaning more waiting!)

We are in the process right now of waiting for our court date!(which is on Tues., March 24) Can't wait to hear the results of it, and praying for a yes! After our court date now, there has been some other regulations that we are going to have to get passed before brining Wilson home. The CDC has now made it manditory for a child who has just passed court to have a TB test done before being able to have a visa issued to enter the country. It sounds like for our case, that after passing court, Wilson will have this test done, and we will have to wait about 3 weeks to hear results. If his test comes back negative, we will be able to travel over whenever we get our travel call and embassy date! But if his test results come back positive, he will be required to stay in Ethiopia for another 6 months and receive treatment before being able to have a visa issued for him to come to the US. So, we are really just praying that there would be no issues with this, and that we would be able to go and get him soon! Its understandable why they would do this type of thing, but most of me is like, "If I have to wait another 6 months, I will go into a severe depression!" ;) So, that is our update for now. I am sure that I will write more once we know the results of our court date. If you want to pray for something, pray for success on both occasions! (not just for us, but for those who are going through the same things as well!)

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