Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ready and waiting!

I think that I pretty much have everything ready in case we get our travel call here in the near future! I of course (being organized me) made a list of things that we will need to get to take with us to Ethiopia, and things we will need to get done before we leave. Well, I have gotten to the point where I feel pretty comfortable that if we were to get our travel call, I would pretty much be ready to go!(besides last minute things) I am hoping that we hear some sort of update soon, even if to hear that he was getting his TB test done. It has been a little harder to wait after passing court. Just knowing that we are so close, and I can really say I am ready for my second son!(Okay, so maybe I was ready awhile ago!:) I am just glad to know there is an end in sight! There have been a couple families who have gotten referrals recently, and also a couple families who are travelling this week to go get their children! (I am hoping to get some pictures of my boy from them!) So its encouraging to see movement in the process for others. Kinda makes my wait a little easier to deal with, that I can be happy for others who have received good news! I will update more when we know some information!

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