Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today I had a busy day full of outings with the boys! The funnest one today was for Wilson to experience a wading pool for the first time! He has come to love bathtime, so I figured that he would love the pool as well. But when we got there, and actually made an attempt to get in, Wilson was not too happy about that. The water must have been a little too cold for him or something, because each time I would try and put him in the water, he would start screaming, and cling to me with everything he had! Gradually, like everything else, he did warm up to the water. By the end of the time there, he was sitting on the edge, splashing, playing with toys, and having a good time! It's so much fun to see these type of firsts with him. Sometimes, I still can't even believe that he is here. Missing the first year of his life was never something I wanted to miss, but I am so glad that he is here now, and I get to experience these new things with him as he grows! :)

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Holly said...

How sweet Becky! Ellie always takes a while to warm up to new things too. :)